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With the seasons changing quickly, this can bring warm weather. However, the transition can bring some unwelcome guests. What if one day your home is spotless, and then the next day it is covered with insects and damages? This is a possibility you must deal with. Therefore, having home insurance in RI can help you protect your property from harmful invaders.

According to the Green Home Guide, with careful planning once the seasons change, pest control can be controlled in a healthy, environmentally responsible way. Depending on where you live, any number of pests can cause health and safety issues for your home. Your first thought may be to turn to toxic solutions, but these products contain chemicals that are bad for the pests and your family.

However, there are a number of ways you can keep pests out without endangering your health. Some of these strategies need to be applied while the house is being designed and built, and others can be done during routine maintenance:

Building and Design Considerations
• In areas prone to termite, use non-cellulosic wall structures.
• Build with no wood-to-concrete connections.
• Use a solid concrete foundation or concrete-filled block for walls.

Ongoing Maintenance
• Plan landscaping carefully.
• Seal all external cracks, penetrations, edges, and entry points with caulking.
• Install plants and landscaping elements that encourage biodiversity.

By following these steps, you can transform you residence into a green home. It is important to always be aware of the risks you face. By taking action against pests and other intruders, you can remain prepared for any type of accident or mishap that could occur. In addition, to protect your family from harm, Loiselle Insurance Agency wants to offer superior home insurance RI loves!

Your safety is our priority, which is why we will guide you in the right direction towards creating a personalized policy. The structure of your home, your personal possession, your liability, and more will all be covered by this package. Having access to our comprehensive options will help you find peace of mind in the place you should feel most comfortable in. So rather than waiting for the unknown, take action with home insurance in RI!