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Insurance Risks To Consider When Hosting a Party:

Although holiday parties start out innocently enough, things can quickly go wrong, especially when alcohol is involved. When hosting a party, it is important that you are aware of the insurance risks. Watch as insurance experts Brenda Loiselle-Duclos and Melanie Loiselle-Mongeon discuss social hosting and some of the things you should consider when planning your next holiday party.

What can go wrong? What kinds of insurance risks should I consider when hosting a party at my house?
Common incidents that occur at holiday parties often involve alcohol.  Some examples include people falling or getting hurt, fights breaking out, or someone drinking too much and then being involved in a car accident. These are all potential claims that could leave you, the host, liable for damages.

insurance risks when hosting a party

How does my Homeowners Policy Help in these Social Hosting Situations?
Your homeowners policy typically provides liability coverage. If you are found negligent and legally liable for an incident that caused bodily injury or property damage to someone else, your liability coverage of your homeowners policy should protect you. However, it is a good idea to check with your agent and review your policy so you understand your coverage and are aware of any exclusions that may apply.

What Is Usually Excluded?
Most policies do not cover criminal defense . For example, if you were to get in trouble for serving alcohol to minors, your insurance would not pay for your defense coverage if you faced criminal charges.

insurance risks when hosting a partyWhat are some ways to reduce the liability risk?
1. Be a responsible host: Limit your own alcohol intake so that you are aware of what is happening at your party and on your property.

2. Hire a professional bartender:  Depending on the size of the party, hiring a bartender is a great way to reduce your liability risk. Bartenders are trained to know how many drinks a person should have and ways to determine when a person needs to stop being served. Bartenders also carry their own liability insurance.

3. Encourage Designated Drivers:  Having a designated driver is the safest way to ensure no one will drive impaired.

4. Offer people a place to stay. Encourage your friends to stay over. This is also a fun way to extend the party. Airbeds are very inexpensive and an easy solution for having unexpected overnight guests.

5. Have lots of food and non-alcoholic drink options. It is always good to keep people eating especially when they are drinking alcohol.

We hope that with these tips you have a safe and happy holiday season and enjoy your parties. Cheers!


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