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Does your home contain other structures that are part of your property? Garages or sheds are some buildings that would be considered separate from your main house. If you were to renovate one of these, do you know if you have the proper coverage? Before you start a project, review your home insurance in RI to be certain you are protected.

Your garage may have gotten lots of use long ago, but now it is just filled with junk. Do you know how you could transform this into a spacious living area? According to eHow Home, large families might benefit from an extra room that is somewhat isolated from the main area of the house. Therefore, the following are ways you can make alterations to this space:

Simple Remodels
o If your garage is fully insulated, drywalled, and painted, you only have to perform minimal changes. Your remodeling project might require a few steps such as adding flooring, designing an entryway, and sealing off the exterior garage door with an insulated wall.
o Regarding entryways, you have a few basic options. First, you can leave the door as is, which has the advantage of often blocking sound well. Another option is to remove the door frame and its surrounding walls entirely, creating an open transition between the rooms.

o Features that enhance this new room include ceiling fans to maintain proper airflow, large sectional couches, stain-resistant carpet, and large windows to let in natural light during the day.
o Unless you have extensive experience in construction and are familiar with local building codes, hire a professional to perform the remodeling. Also, you’ll likely need a building permit to convert a garage into a living area, which is something a professional contractor can help you secure.

If you are uncertain about performing a home renovation, contact a professional for assistance and guidance. By having expert support, you can convert your garage into the space you have always dreamed of. At Loiselle Insurance Agency, we want to also help you tackle remodeling and repair projects in a safe manner. Therefore, to protect other structures on your property, you need home insurance RI can rely on!

Disaster can strike at any moment, which is why you need security you can trust. Our policy offers coverage options such as protection for your personal possession, liability, the structure of your home, and much more. We will guide you through the process of selecting a package that meets all of your specific needs. So rather than waiting for the next accident, safeguard your entire property with our home insurance in RI!