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Have you ever heard of life hacks?  According to Google, a life hack is “a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.”  Without even knowing it, you probably come up with more life hacks on a daily basis than you realize.  If you have kids, you are probably a superhero of life hacks!

Here are a few life hacks that could possibly save you some time and/or money around the house:hanger

  • Buy an inexpensive photo album to keep in your kitchen.  If you find a recipe you like in a magazine, rip it out and stick it in the photo album.  Then when you want to try the recipe, you can easily access it and it will be in its own protective plastic wrap so that spills can be easily washed off.
  • Instead of buying expensive microwave popcorn bags, buy loose popcorn.  Using a regular brown paper lunch bag, you can pop the loose kernels for much less money.  (And they taste better, too!)
  • Slipping a soda can tab over the neck of your wire clothes hangers will give you the ability to hang another hanger from it.  This will give you just about twice the room to hang clothes in your closet.
  • Use paper towel tubes as drawer separators for those small items like rubber bands or loose cords.
  • Bread tabs can be used as labels for all those electronic cords as well.
  • Color code your family’s socks by marking each one with different colored permanent markers.  (Dad= green, Brother= blue, etc.)  It makes it much easier come sorting time.

One thing you do not want to “hack” when it comes to your home and family is your insurance coverage.  Make sure you have the best coverage you can by calling us for a quote today.




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