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Did you know a lightning spark can reach over five miles in length? Or that a blot of lightning can raise the temperature of the air by 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit? The chances of you becoming a victim of a lightning strike in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000. Who knew?!

Keeping your family safe in a thunder or lightning storm can be overwhelming, especially if some of your family members aren’t home or are outdoors when the storm begins brewing. Making sure your family members know what to do during a lighting storm can help reduce the risk of being struck by lightning or encountering other potential dangers. Follow these safety tips to prepare for the stormy months ahead.

Create a Safety Plan

Put a safety plan in place for your household, especially if you have children. Whenever a lightning storm begins, it is important to inform those in your home to take shelter as quickly as possible or to go home. Keeping a safety plan in place will ensure your loved ones know what to do if they are not at home during an intense storm.

Get Indoors as Quickly as Possible

Taking shelter in a home, vehicle with a metal roof, and even in a structure with a metal roof is essential when you are facing a strong lightning storm outdoors. It is best to get inside of a house when any lightning storm begins.

Unplug and Stop Using All Electronics

Unplug and stop using all electronics in the home to avoid shocks and outages. If you have a corded phone, avoid using it until the storm has completely passed and cleared, as the cords are connected with wires outdoors.

Avoid Going Near Windows

Always avoid going near windows until the lightning storm has passed to keep from additional damage and potential injuries.

Informing your family of how to stay safe during lightning storms is one of the most important factors in ensuring they are protected at all times, whether indoors or outside. Having a family safety plan in place and knowing what to do inside and outdoors can keep all of your loved ones safe regardless of the severity of the storm.

Should your hair start to stand up at the sight of the next lightning storm, your best bet is to get yourself immediately indoors! Why? Positive charges are rising through you, reaching toward the negatively charged part of the storm and that my friend, is not a good sign!

For some other facts about lightning, visit the National Geographic Website! Pretty interesting stuff!

Should you have any other questions regarding the safety of your home, feel free to give us a call at (401) 723-8510 or visit our website.


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