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Are you searching for a way to better understand what your customers want from your services? The answer is not as difficult as you think. By listening to your clients, you can put yourself in their shoes and figure out what they are looking for. In addition, by having superior protection, you can allow your business to thrive and remain stable for years to come.

According to The Customer Collective, as sales people elevate their skills, often the area of listening begins to suffer. It is important to not forget who your priority is at the end of the day: your customers. Therefore, the following are the main reasons why listening skills deteriorate over time, and how you can fix them:
Listening Mistake #1 = Knowing the questions and answers before you hear them
You have heard all of the objections a thousand times and you believe you already know what will be said. When this happens, you only hear a fraction of what the customer actually says, as you mentally anticipate the rest of the question or statement. The problem is that often you are incorrect.
Solution: To help avoid this, look to discover new answers and thoughts. Try to make them tell you something you have not heard before. This can only help you get better.

Listening Mistake #2 = Formulating your response before the prospect has finished
Many sales people begin to formulate their response to the client as the person is still explaining his or her concerns. You believe you know exactly what they are going to say, and you begin rehearsing in your mind what you will say back.
Solution: Wait until the client has completed their thought, and then count to three before you open your mouth. This helps you listen to exactly what the customer said and you avoid belittling the person.

Listening Mistake #3 = Lack of eye contact
Most sales people diligently try to maintain eye contact when they are speaking. However, many seem to wander as the customer talks. Listening entails more than just your ears, you have to listen with your eyes and emotions.
Solution: Maintain constant eye contact every time the client says anything. Take in and note their body language, facial expression and movements.

At Loiselle Insurance Agency, we are here to satisfy the needs of our customers. We hope that all business owners take these tips into account when listening to their clients. Not only is it important to retain your loyal cliental, but to also protect your employees and investment so you can continue to serve your community. Therefore, having our business insurance RI loves will allow you to remain stable!

Let our team help guide you through the process of selecting the perfect policy so you can avoid the unique risks you face on a daily basis. We understand that running a business can be tough, which is why we want to make the selection as simple as possible. You can customize your package to include options such as workers compensation, commercial property, general liability, and much more. So if you are interested in having a successful company, then you need the protection of our business insurance in RI!