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In today’s day and age, it’s more important than ever to put a good book into the hands of a child. With the constant distractions of the 21st century, it is easy for a child to express a disinterest to reading. Unfortunately, most of them are never ‘saved’ and go the rest of their lives without the touch and comfort of a book. This shouldn’t have to be the case, which is why Books are Wings exists. Their aim is to “Put free books into the hands of children.”

On January 16th, Melanie Loiselle-Mongeon, vice president of Loisbestsnowmanelle Insurance, volunteered at a Books Are Wings sponsored Book Party. The event took place as an after-school program for kindergarten and first grade children at the Boys and Girls Club Pawtucket RI. It consisted of many fun activities for the children to partake in such as having the book The Biggest, Best Snowman read to them by Jocelynn White—Director of Books Are
Wings, make snowman crafts with lots of cotton balls and stickers, and in the end, they were allowed to select two books to keep from a table filled with them! Prior to Jocelynn reading, she had a question for the children, “Why do you think I say books have wings?” To which a child called out, “Because you get smart from reading!”

Melanie described the children as being nothing short of ecstatic at the chance to receive books. Almost all of them couldn’t wait to read the books themselves or have someone read the books to them. A seven year old girl named Kasyra was impressed and said “Wow…you guys got good books!” Just as Melanie was about to leave, she was ambushed by two excited little girls who wished to thank her for the books and tell her how much fun they had.


Books Are Wings is a locally based organization that caters to thousands of children. Loiselle Insurance Agency supports community outreach and knows there are many Rhode Island charitable organizations worth supporting.  Books Are Wings is definitely one of them!  Our agency understands the impact reading has on the minds of children. After all, a good book could be the difference between not having any drive in school and wanting to become a published author. We encourage the support of Rhode Island nonprofit Books Are Wings and their cause. All Book Parties are funded by grants and private donors.  You can become a donor or volunteer your time by visiting the Books Are Wings website. Clients of Loiselle Insurance wishing to donate gently used books can do so by bringing them by our office and we will gladly drop them off for you.  Also, stay tuned for future fundraisers that we will hold in support of Books Are Wings.

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