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When trying to save money, you might look for hidden fees when buying anything.  They seem to be everywhere: when booking flights, when buying new appliances, even when scheduling car repairs.  Avoiding hidden fees can save you serious money if you know where to look.  But did you also know that there could be hidden discounts in a lot of things as well?  Take your homeowner’s insurance for example.

There are a few things about your home that could save you a percentage of your premium if you just know what they are.  Some you might have overlooked in the past because you may not have realized they could affect your insurance at all.  But the truth is while your insurance application may not have a spot for them, you can always tell your insurance agent and ask if any additional policy credits could apply.

Where you live has a lot to do with how much you pay for insurance.  Just living in a gated community can save you up to 10% on your insurance.  Being a part of a homeowners association can save you 5-10% as well.  Be sure you tell your agent if your lifestyle includes either of those elements.

Have you recently upgraded your roof?  Had new wiring installed?  Put in a new security system?  All these things may reduce your premium as well.  Whenever you make any home repairs or additions, let your insurance company know – even if your policy is already in force.  If adjustments can not be made mid-term, you can find out if they can be made upon renewal.

If you feel your policy may not be reflecting all the safety features your home has to offer, give your agent a call.  You might be entitled to more of a discount than you currently are receiving.