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A display of Christmas ornaments

The pandemic has impacted everything, but it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Many aspects of what you would normally do can still happen. Others will need to be handled a little differently this season.

Deck the Halls

Put up your decorations and string the lights just as you normally would. You may even want to go a little overboard this year to lift everyone’s spirits a notch.

Make hot cocoa, decorate a gingerbread house, and put on holiday tunes. Good energy is contagious and everyone could use more of that now.

Drive-By Lighting Displays

Many people are really going all out this year with outdoor light shows. Digital technology allows them to create dancing lights, blazing colors, and some displays even include a radio station you tune into to hear music too. Check if your community publishes a map and runs a contest for the best decorated homes. Stay in your car, visit every home, and vote for your favorite.

Virtual Santa Visit

People are so inventive! More than one company has come up with a way for Santa to visit the kids virtually this year.

Santa’s Club, JingleRing, Homagination, Cameo, and even Sam’s Club are in on the action. You need to schedule your visit, but good ‘ol Saint Nick will make a personal (albeit virtual) visit. Most offer a photo or video keepsake too.

Zoom with Friends & Family

Sure we all wish we could see the people love this year, but that isn’t possible. Luckily, you can still see them, chat, laugh, cry, and give each other a virtual hug. All you need is a computer, cellphone, or tablet to create a free account on Zoom.

Send each party a meeting invitation and talk to them individually or have a mob meeting with everyone hogging camera space. Sing carols, sip egg nog, and have a blast.

Start a New Tradition

Consider trying a new activity this year that could become a family tradition. A family scavenger hunt for a special prize or a new way to open gifts could add fun to your celebration.

Put all gifts under the tree without tags and then draw numbers to see who opens their gift first. If the next person likes the first gift more, they can swap. Continue until all the gifts are opened. There will be plenty of laughs and groans throughout.

Make it as Special as Possible

Let’s face it – money is very tight for many people this year. If you can’t afford gifts, make the best of what you have. Light candles, put on your favorite playlist, eat some chocolate, and say thanks. Nothing is permanent, you’re safe, and this mess will eventually be a thing of the past.

Help Others

With everything that is going on it is easy to focus on ourselves. However, this pandemic has created many hardships for many people.

If you can spare a few dollars or have extra food, consider donating to a worthwhile local charity. Pack up some treats and deliver them to the doorstep of someone who lives alone.

Even if you’re stressed and broke, a smile and a “thank you” are free. Remember, the holidays can be a sad time for many people and even a small gesture can make a huge difference. Happy Holidays!

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