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How well do you manage your health during the holiday season?  Sometimes health takes a backseat during the winter months because of all the rushing around we do.  Holiday parties at work, gatherings at our children’s schools, shopping at the mall and visiting family and friends take precedence over watching our weight and exercising.  It’s OK to splurge every once in a while, but keeping yourself on track will really help with your energy levels and get you through these holidays in a much healthier way.
Just taking 30 minutes out of every day to exercise will really boost your energy and help keep your immunities in check.  Sweating can help remove toxins from your body and the increase in activity will help your heart, your lungs and your muscle tone.  Try exercising first thing in the morning to give yourself a great start to your day.

Being busy can also take a toll on your healthy diet. It’s easier to just grab something and scarf it down when you’re rushing to the next holiday get together than it is to sit down for dinner.  Instead of sacrificing your health, try setting up a few healthy options to grab n’ go when you need them.  Fill your fridge with baggies of baby carrots, celery, cheese, hard boiled eggs, and all your other healthy choices to make it easier when crunch time hits.

The most important thing is not to stress over it too much.  Yes, it’s OK to have that cookie.  No, you don’t need to fore go that cocktail.  Just be sure to have all those treats in moderation and keep up with your exercise regiment.  You will be happy with yourself once New Year’s Eve rolls around and you are already well ahead of your New Year’s resolutions.  Enjoy yourself!