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With St Patrick’s Day on the horizon, we know everyone is in search of their Pot ‘O Gold.

It’s Your Lucky Day!

BrendaLoiselleLeprechaunMoney O’Loiselle, aka Brenda Loiselle-DuClos of Loiselle Insurance Agency, is here to tell you where to find your pot of good ‘ole green cash this St Patrick’s Day. Believe it or not, you don’t need to search for the end of a rainbow to find it. Just take the time to review your insurance policy and you’ll probably find hidden cash, in the form of savings and discounts that you might otherwise be missing.

So grab a pint of green beer, green milk, or green soda and let us take you on your lucky search to locate those hidden dollars in your insurance coverage. 

Auto Insurance –

Auto insurance discounts are available to almost everyone, no matter what your age, driving record, or type of vehicle.  Most insurance companies offer a wide variety of discounts. Obviously some are geared toward low risk drivers such as those with no previous claims history or those that qualify for good driver discounts.  If you’re worried because you have a less than perfect driving record, don’t get discouraged. You may be eligible for discounts based on the car you drive.  If your car has air bags, anti lock breaks, or a burglar alarm, you still qualify for discounts.  For teenagers and new drivers, there are good student discounts and driver training discounts.  If you own more than one vehicle, be sure to put them all on one policy and take advantage of multicar discounts. Do you like to pay your bill online or through automatic payments, or even better, do you pay in full? There’s usually extra savings if you enroll in automated payment plans or pay in full discounts. Be sure to review your policy and make sure you are maximizing your auto insurance discounts.

 Take another sip of your green drink and maybe even eat some corn beef and hash because our journey for your insurance pot of gold this St Patrick’s Day continues…

 Home Insurance –

It’s not a coincidence that your cable and phone company offer bundle discounts.  Insurance companies do to! Bundle your home and auto insurance and take advantage of 15-20% bundling credits. If you have a new home or a recently remodeled home, you probably qualify for a new home discount or renovator’s discount. Do you have a fire alarm or burglar alarm?  Alarm discounts range from 3-10% depending on the type of service you subscribe to. If your home is pet free, smoke free, and claims free… cha ching cha ching cha ching… more insurance discounts!

 If you’re still drinking your green spirits and still reading, your excitement has probably led you into a full Irish step dance by now. Take a rest from your Riverdance and let us last tell you where to find your extra savings on your business insurance next…

 Small Business and Contractors Insurance –

Business insurance and contractors insurance is similar to personal insurance in the way that the insurance company wants you to bundle your policies. Bundling commercial property, liability, and business car insurance will save you as much as 25% on your overall insurance costs.  If you have been in business for over three years, have maintained continuous insurance, and have not had any major insurance claims you are eligible for low cost business insurance that includes experience discounts and claims free discounts. If you have extensive management experience, you may qualify for additional savings. If the drivers of your vehicle(s) have CDL licenses and good driving records, your insurance company will reward you with competitive business auto insurance prices. If you own a commercial building, keeping all of the mechanics of the building, including the heating, plumbing, and electrical, up to date is the best way to lower your property insurance premiums. You can also ask your agent to review your insurance deductible for additional property insurance discounts.

Bottom line, don’t leave your money on the table for some Leprechaun to gather and hand to someone else. Keep your Green cash (or beer) for yourself to enjoy!

As always, your friendly agents at Loiselle Insurance are here to answer any of your insurance questions. We will be glad to review your policies and find all of the insurance discounts you qualify for.

We hope this St Patrick’s Day finds you lucky and well-insured Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Author: Brenda Loiselle-DuClos, Vice President of Loiselle Insurance

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