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Memorial Day is one of the most widely celebrated holidays. Many adults enjoy thebarbecue-72125_640 holiday by attending bbqs and parties where they are free to unwind from the stresses of daily life. However, as with any holiday that often includes drinking alcohol, a fun and relaxing celebration can quickly turn into a tragic event. For those who are planning on hosting a Memorial Day party, it is important to take some steps to ensure that the party is a safe one.

Provide Entertainment

Music, food, games, and other forms of entertainment should be the primary draw of a good party. Having a party that focuses only on drinking is a recipe for disaster. Party activities that keep guests up and moving, such as dancing and playing games like pool and corn hole, are effective ways to keep the guests having fun without drinking too much.

garden-party-364591_640Practice Home Safety

Before guests come over, a good host will look around his or her home and make any changes necessary to keep the party safe. Obvious problem areas should be addressed, such as getting rid of tripping hazards like shoes on steps, securely locking up firearms and ammunition, and making arrangements to board any aggressive pets. If a home has a pool, it will be wise to close it during the party or at least assign someone to serve as a lifeguard to make certain that everyone in the pool is safe.

Arrange Transportation

There is no larger source of potential problems and liability than intoxicated party guests leaving and causing an accident. To reduce this risk, a party host should provide guests with designated drivers, access to taxis, and information on public transportation. In addition to helping guests to get home safely, a good host should also be prepared to allow guests to spend the night and go home in the morning.

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