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One of the most important things to consider before getting on your motorcycle is attire. You want to make sure you have the proper gear before even taking your motorcycle out for a ride. Below is a useful checklist of clothing and accessories to check before you ride.

1) Helmet – This is the most important piece of equipment to wear. A helmet will protect your head in case of a crash, and it will dramatically decrease wind noise and chill, as well as protect your face and eyes if you have a full head helmet.

2) Jacket – The jacket serves 2 purposes here. The first purpose is to reduce wind chill as you are riding. The second purpose is to protect your skin from abrasion from loose rocks kicked up from other vehicles to falling off of the motorcycle. While it won’t protect you entirely from a fall, it will definitely help reduce cuts and scrapes. For maximum protection, it is suggested to use the heaviest material possible; leather is a popular choice.

3) Heavy Pants – Having the right pants is also essential to your ride. These will serve largely the same purpose as the jacket, and should be made out of a similarly heavy material.

4) Gloves – Your hands are just as important to protect during your ride. Being able to control your motorcycle is essential to safety, and having rocks or other debris hit your hands while riding can cause you to lose control. Because of this, having good quality, heavy gloves is a necessity.

5) Boots – Having good grip and ankle protection are important things to consider before you go out for your ride. Make sure your boots have thick soles with a sure grip on them for when you are stopped or dismounting. Over-the-ankle boots are also a good protective to avoid damage to this complex part of your body.