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When moving into a new apartment, you may be excited to get all your things inside and situated to make the place feel more like a home. Take a minute though, before you empty that moving van, you will want to review your lease agreement and inspect the property for anything that could cause problems down the road.

Of course, when you are first moving in, you are not at all thinking about moving out. However, since you will most likely need to leave a security deposit when you move in, you will want to get it back when you move out. Before signing your lease agreement, check it carefully to see what stipulations are in it regarding the state of your apartment when you move out.

Walk around your apartment and make notes of any problems you see. Don’t be afraid to take pictures, too. Every little scratch and ding should be accounted for and documented. You do not want to be stuck paying for those flaws when you move out if you had nothing to do with their origins. Scratched appliances, broken electrical outlets, worn carpet, stained walls, anything that makes your apartment look used should be noted. Take your list to your landlord and have him sign off on it so that you will not be on the hook for those issues later.

Once you have everything squared away with your landlord, you should get yourself some renters insurance to cover your belongings while you are staying in your new apartment. In addition to covering your belongings, renters insurance provides valuable liability coverage. If someone gets hurt at your apartment, your dog bites someone, or you cause accidental water or fire damage to the building and the landlord holds you legally liable, renters insurance liability would protect you. Many renters are under the misconception that the landlord has insurance and would cover these types of things but the landlord’s insurance only covers the landlord! It does not provide any coverage that benefits the tenant.  Loiselle Insurance can offer you a quote that will protect you from financial loss if any of your belongings are damaged or stolen or if you suffer a liability claim. RI renters insurance  usually costs less than $20 per month.  Another savings tip for getting inexpensive renters insurance is to package it with your car insurance.  Bundling discounts always save you money!  We hope you enjoy living in your new apartment.  Please call us with any questions about renters insurance and how it can protect you.

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