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There are three things that I can
ascertain at this particular moment as you stare at your computer screen:

  1. You
    are staring blankly at the screen not quite frowning, but halfway to doing
  2. You
    are now rolling your eyes in a ‘No-duh-Sherlock; I-don’t-usually-grin-at-my-screen-like-a-complete-fool’
    manner, and frowning.
  3. As a
    result of these combined actions, you are most likely removing precious
    minutes from your life.

It’s nice to know that an action so first-nature to us can
bring such a bountiful amount of wellness to our being. When you break a smile,
you are bound to laugh, and when you laugh, you are bound to make other people
laugh. The human brain is naturally wired to recognize and respond to the
natural curvature of the lips with an equal reaction of our own. For example, a
smile is matched with a smile, and a frown is met with a frown. Truthfully, you
don’t even have to feel the emotions commonly associated with smiling, the
subconscious brain recognizes a smile one way or another because of the
positioning of the muscles in the face—whether propped up by chopsticks, faking
it, or being genuinely happy, smiling has its benefits. Let’s take a look:

  1. You’ll
    be seven years further from the bucket than a frowner.
  2. Smiling
    releases a ‘happy drug’ in the brain called endorphines, in turn, the
    stress chemical, cortisol, is reduced.
  3. If you
    love to laugh, you can tell your friends you workout frequently because
    laughing has all the benefits of exercising. In addition, you oxygenate
    the body.
  4. People
    will look at you as being more attractive (well hello, beautiful!).
  5. It
    helps you release emotions that are commonly kept bottled up.

 If you feel like you haven’t truly
laughed or smiled since the age of nine, here are some ways to 
jump start this
new regimen:

1.      Start
by faking a smile (even if you feel you look like a horse doing so).

2.      Come
up with witty comebacks to common remarks in your head (some people do this and
the person their talking to is none the wiser about the answering smile—but if
you have a loose mouth, this tactic may not be for you…).

3.      Listen
to happy music.

4.      When
the rain is pouring, go for a walk with a notebook and pen, sit under shelter,
and begin to write (fiction works best!).

5.      Do
a really, really, really good deed once in a while, but it has to be anonymous!

6.      Finally,
watch this video and laugh your heart out: