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workers compensation insuranceOwning your own business can be confusing, especially when you are hiring additional workers. One question we are frequently asked is, “Do I need to cover independent contractors on my workers compensation policy?” Watch as insurance experts Rosalynn Dávila and Brenda Loiselle-Duclos explain what you need to know about hiring subcontractors and how it affects your workers compensation policy.

Do I Need To Cover Independent Contractors or Subcontractors Under My Workers Compensation Policy?

Independent Contractors need to be covered under their own general liability policy. In addition to general liability, they also need their own Workers Compensation Policy as well. If they do not have workers compensation insurance, they can file a DWC-11 IC  form  with the RI Department of Labor. This form notifies the Department of Labor that they are  independent contractors.  This form can be found at


workers compensation insurance

When Hiring an Independent Contractor, should I retain a Copy of these Documents?

Yes, because the way workers compensation insurance works is the subcontractor would automatically be covered under the main contractor’s workers compensation policy. Therefore, unless these documents are available, you (the main contractor) will be charged for the sub-contractor when your workers compensation policy comes up for audit. So, when hiring subcontractors it is very important to obtain the proper documents proving they have their own general liability policy as well as their own workers compensation policy or proof that they have filed a DWC-11 IC form with the state.

If you have any questions about your general liability or workers compensation policy, please feel free to give us a call today at 401.723.8510.

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