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Spring cleaning is an annual rite of good home maintenance. But most people are pressed for time these days or just don’t want to devote all day to what they consider to be a boring chore. If you follow a few important tips, you can manage to get your spring cleaning completed in a hurry and have a bit of fun in the process.

Assign each member of the family a room that he is in charge of cleaning and add some motivation by offering a cash prize for the room that is cleaned and organized the best in the shortest amount of time. If you live alone and can’t delegate part of the chore to others, motivate yourself with the promise of an interesting treat for getting your task completed within a set amount of time. Get organized ahead of time by having large trash bags at the ready, along with a dust mop, a vacuum, dust cloths, paper towels, a broom, and a spray bottle filled with an inexpensive solution of water and vinegar. Put on some high energy, jazzy music, set a timer to 15 minutes for each room and get moving.

Remove everything that doesn’t belong in the room and immediately discard trash, old magazines and newspapers right into the trash bag. Making a room appear tidy immediately gives a cleaner appearance. Only handle each item you pick up once and decide what to do with it. Gather anything that needs to be stored elsewhere into a pile or box and handle that at the end of your cleaning session. It saves time to do dry cleaning first such as dusting and vacuuming, then tackle windows, mirrors and television screens with some of your spray solution and a quick wipe of your paper towels. Survey each room and handle the dirtiest areas first. Grab throws, rugs, cushions and pillows and shake off outside to remove surface dust.

Open up the windows and allow fresh air to ventilate the room. When your timer sounds, finish the task at hand, then move onto the next room. End your spring cleaning session with a quick spray of room deodorizer and a pat on the back that your home is now cleaner and more organized than when you started.