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According to a study conducted by Obrella, a community-focused insurance and analysis agency, New England is ranked the safest region for drivers in the United States! Using data from the 2012 National Highway Safety Administration, all 50 states were analyzed and ranked based on the fatality rate per 100,000 licensed drivers. The findings may surprise you!28742_safety_first

Americans drive an estimated three trillion miles a year (Holy Cow!). In 2012, nearly 15.6 million accidents were reported, resulting in 31,000 fatalities.

Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire made the top 10 list of safest states to drive in. As a native Rhode Islander, I can attest to the fact that we sometimes tend to stereotype Massachusetts drivers as horrible drivers! Apparently, we should rethink that mentality because Massachusetts topped the list at being the safest state for drivers! Rhode Island wasn’t too far behind at number three, Connecticut ranked fourth, and New Hampshire was sixth!

Although Massachusetts was ranked the safest state for drivers, it had a high number of fatalities (349); however, they also have the highest number of licensed drivers (4,734,000). Rhode Island had relatively low total fatalities (64). Since RI is the smallest state in the US, we also have far fewer licensed drivers on the road (750,000). While 64 may not seem like a lot of fatalities, when you look at the number of licensed drivers in relation to the total number of fatalities, the fatality rate is 8.54 (per 100,000).

Aaron Gunderson, a data analyst at Obrella said, “While we acknowledge that the only acceptable fatality rate is zero, we wanted to recognize states and local governments that are putting appropriate measures in place to assure fewer fatal accidents and get closer to that goal.” Gunderson is also hopeful that better road conditions and the enforcement of smarter alcohol and distracted driver laws will lead to safer roads across the country.

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