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When you own a business, it is always nice to reward your employees at certain times of the year. Holiday parties are a great way to show you appreciate all they do to help your business stay afloat throughout the year. But sometimes holiday office parties can result in some less-than-festive liability claims if they are not thrown with safety in mind. Here are some tips to keep your office party within the spirit of the holiday:

  • Make sure your employees know the party is not a mandatory event. Attendance should be voluntary. If you have the party during work hours, it could always be misinterpreted as a mandatory work event. Have the party after hours so there is no confusion.
  • Limit the availability of alcoholic beverages. If you are having alcohol at your party, hire a professional to serve the drinks. Also, limit the amount of drinks each person can have by offering tickets at the beginning of the party. You may also want to consider offering alternate transportation for your guests so they do not have to drive.
  • Be wary of the possibility of sexual harassment at the party. Before the party, reiterate your company’s sexual harassment policy with your employees so they are aware of what will be acceptable and what will not. Allowing your employees to bring guests to the party may help the situation as well.
  • Have your party at a location other than the workplace. It may seem convenient to just open the bubbly at the shop, but that opens you up for possible workers comp claims. Take a break from the office and invite your employees to a different venue so everyone can relax.

Your holiday party should be a joyous occasion for everyone. Have a wonderful, safe time this holiday season!