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   Ahhh, Halloween. The fourth favorite time of the year for children—behind birthdays, Christmas, and Thanksgiving—and parents who take their children trick-or-treating only to remind them that candy will land them in the dentist office.  Of course this parental reminder is only a way for parents to expand their own candy ration! Overall, Halloween is a time that can bring great joy for both children and adults throughout Rhode Island.  This joy can only be achieved if you follow these Loiselle Insurance Approved tips:

  1. If you hear Thriller music and see zombies, DO NOT RUN, join them.

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  1. Be polite to people you may meet. If a man is grumbling about his name being spelled wrong on his headstone, sympathize with him: “One time, my teacher spelled my name wrong…”


3. Make sure you pay your exorcist before Halloween. Halloween is the number one time of the year when people are repossessed.

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            Wait…wrong list. *Rummages through coffin, checks the pocket of its inhabitant…two minutes later…*the inhabitant hands her a paper* Ah! Thank you kind sir! *Unfolds a 2cm x 2cm sixed paper…puts on glasses.*


                  The REAL Loiselle Insurance Approved Halloween Safety Tips:

  1. Don’t allow children to enter a stranger’s house without the accompaniment of an adult.
  2. Look both ways before crossing the street (this stands for adults as well).
  3. Vandalism is never, ever okay! This can lead to jail time and a possible fine.
  4. Check all candy before eating and don’t eat any candy that looks like it has been tampered with or  is homemade.
  5. Only buy flame resistant costumes. With all these candles being around, it would be horrible for any fabric to light up.
  6. Test make up on a small patch of skin before wearing. However, if you already wore the make up without testing and have a reaction, no worries… Change your costume to a life sized raspberry, for the next two weeks. The alternative option would be to go to the emergency room…
  7. You know the guy who invented sidewalks? He didn’t create them so you could stand on the road and ask passing cars if they thought the sidewalks look pretty.  Who knew?! Use the sidewalk.
  8. If you have a sword with your costume, make sure it is soft and easily bendable to prevent injury. Matter of fact, make it out of paper; it will be deadlier but less intimidating—they’ll never know what hit ‘em…hee hee heee!
  9. Carry a flashlight and wear reflective tape.

10.  Don’t trick-or-treat alone. Go with an adult or a group. Nothing would be worse than being the based-on-a-true-story aspect of a movie…

            Although Halloween is meant to be a good time, some people will use it as an opportunity to harm children and adults. *Hands paper back to coffin inhabitant*  Anyway, have a Ghoul-tastic Halloween!