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Our Casual Friday for July supported the “Save A Lab Rescue”. Our efforts raised $90, which the agency matched for a total donation of $180. Nathan Green, one of our team members, along with his wife Annie and four children volunteer with the organization. They foster rescue labs in their home until they’re matched to appropriate adoptive families.

Save A Lab Rescue operates solely through volunteers. This not-for-profit organization rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes displaced Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Retriever mixes.

According the ASPCA, most dogs need to be rehomed, because they have problematic or aggressive behaviors, or health issues caused by abuse, neglect, or harm. Save A Lab Rescue saves these troubled dogs that would otherwise be euthanized. They work with them to normalize behaviors, provide them with love and veterinary care, and house them with fosters to continue their recuperation.

Fosters play a crucial role in the rescue process. Many dogs in shelters or boarding facilities become extremely stressed, particularly if they are very young, old, or ill. Foster homes allow these dogs to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally within a safe home environment.

These not only receive food, water, and shelter, but exercise, socialization, and careful monitoring of medical and behavioral issues. This helps the organization match each dog with a suitable adoptive household.

Save A Lab Rescue ensures these dogs are placed in loving permanent homes. They conduct a thorough screening process including a review of any pets currently in the household including spaying/neutering, necessary vaccinations, and required ongoing heartworm medications. They also review each home and applicant for suitability.

Any fees levied for adoption are used to offset the costs of caring for their animals. Of course, caring for animals is an expensive proposition which isn’t covered by adoption fees alone.

Donations are essential to Save A Lab Rescue. Board, deworming, fecal and heartworm testing, spaying/neutering, distemper/parvo, Bordetella, Lyme, leptospirosis and rabies vaccinations, flea/tick treatments, microchipping, and transportation all cost money.

Save A Lab Rescue estimates the cost to vet and transport their dogs is approximately $500 per animal. All donations are tax deductible and goes directly towards the care of rescued Labradors.

If you’re interested in donating to this worthwhile cause, you can do so on their website. They are always in need of fosters and adopters too, so visit their website to discover who might be your next furry friend. At the moment, there’s 11 Labradors waiting for you to help them towards a permanent home.

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