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It’s Julie Bowen, it’s Alyssa Milano, no, it’s Rob Lowe! Last weekend on September 23, 2012, our—extremely beloved, intelligent, charismatic (I’m really aiming for that raise here…)—boss Bob Loiselle won a trip to the Emmy’s THE Emmys with his wife! They were accommodated at a hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and got the full Emmy experience. We’re talking red carpet, police escorts, and posing with an Emmy.

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The legendary event was held at the Nokia Theatre which is situated across from the Conga Room, a club that was used to host the pre-Emmy from three pm to five pm (west coast). At the click of five, everybody had migrated to their seats in the Nokia Theatre

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and the producer made an announcement to the audience, celebrities and all. If a person’s name was called, they had 40 seconds from their name being called to accept the award, make their speech and get back to their seat. The consequence for not doing as such? Being played off—when the orchestra stops playing music—and being forced to walk back in an awkward silence.
Almost everybody knows that the Emmy’s is a three hour show, but those are lies, I tell you, lies! Fun fact, did you know that the actual show lasts for two hours and six minutes? The rest of the show is made entirely up of commercials. To be exact, fifty-four minutes worth of commercials…*groaaaaaan!* 

<img style=”margin: 5px;” alt=”TEW.png” src=”” />(Note Flat Stanley)

            After the primetime stars had gingerly made their way up to the stage to accept their awards—including, but not limited to, Eric Stonestreet, Steven Levitan, and Damien Lewis—the real fun began; the post-Emmy party (in less formal terminology the after party)! During this time, guests had the opportunity to take pictures with actors…and Flat Stanley… Bob and his wife brought along this little friend to help their granddaughter with a school project (the project: to see how many places and how far Flat Stanley can go). They had the opportunity to pose with Helen Hunt, Bruno Tonioli, an Emmy, and the lovely Patricia Heaton. All-in-all, it was a night to remember (and a long trip! Rhode Island to California?! Phew!).

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