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clock July 16, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Automobile InsuranceOur Blog tag Saving Money

Many drivers wonder how insurance companies calculate their Rhode Island auto insurance rates. That’s not surprising considering they can vary greatly between individuals and companies. Even though each company uses their own algorithm, most all of them rely on the following factors in some form. Location Insurers base insurance rates on the location of the… Read more »

clock July 14, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Homeowners InsuranceOur Blog tag Safety

According to the National Fire Protection Association, July is the peak month for grill fires which lead to substantial home damage, injuries, and sometimes deaths. On average, 11,000 house fires occur annually due to grilling mishaps. Luckily, you can enjoy grilling if you follow these simple safety precautions. General Safety Precautions Clean your grill before… Read more »

clock July 9, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Our BlogOur Community tag Safety

Now that the weather’s warmer, it’s time to get outside. Luckily, many Rhode Island restaurants are now offering outdoor dining so you can take in the views, enjoy scrumptious food, and socialize safely. Many other restaurants besides these may offer al fresco dining, but call ahead. Things are changing so quickly. You will need a… Read more »

clock July 7, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Our Blog tag Safety

Warmer weather means more boats on the water, but particularly this year as so many people are flocking to their boats for distraction during the pandemic. However, every year those that own boats, jet skis, and other watercraft hit the water without insurance, putting themselves at risk. Let’s look at the details of boat insurance… Read more »

clock June 30, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Our BlogOur Community tag Holidays

This 4th of July will be much different than in previous years due to COVID-19. Most major events such as fireworks, concerts, and parades have been cancelled or rescheduled as large gatherings aren’t possible. However you can still have fun, while following social distancing rules. It just takes a bit of creativity. Here are a… Read more »

clock June 23, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Family & Home CareOur Blog tag Property Maintenance

Most homeowners understand the importance of proper maintenance to keep their home looking and functioning well for many years. What many don’t know is that property maintenance can also have a direct bearing on their home insurance claims. Policies often stipulate that it is up to you to keep your property in tip-top shape. If… Read more »

clock June 18, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Our Blog tag Safety

Loiselle Insurance Agency has been available to you throughout the pandemic, as our team has been working remotely from the start. As a result, we’re now very proficient at handling your insurance needs via text, email, or telephone. If you choose to interact with us from the safety of your home, you can certainly continue… Read more »