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If you’re a contractor, your standard commercial insurance policy protects your tools while on your property. However, it may not provide the protection you need if your tools are in transit or stored on a worksite. Consequently, insurance companies offer additional coverage called equipment floater insurance. Here’s what it covers and when you might need… Read more »

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Finding extra space in a she shed or man cave often fulfills a homeowner’s dreams. They can while away the hours tinkering, crafting, painting, building, gaming, or sipping a cocktail or beer at their custom bar. As a result, these structures can often grow in value due to how elaborate they become and what’s inside… Read more »

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Most Rhode Islanders automatically assume that their homeowners insurance policy will pay for damages if the roof on their home leaks. While policies usually cover roof leaks, there are certain circumstances when they may be excluded. We’ve mentioned some of the most common below. The Importance of Home Maintenance Preventable damage is a very common… Read more »

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We hear so much about lawsuits. They can be very costly and even impact your future if you’re found liable. The question is, can lawsuits occur if someone slips on the ice in front of your home or business? More importantly, do you understand what you can do to protect yourself if a mishap does… Read more »

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Most of us have seen articles and news broadcasts regarding hacks on major corporations. This can make it seem that cybercrime is only a problem in the business world. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Households are also ripe targets for cyber criminals. Fewer Protections Regrettably, most households are very vulnerable to cyber… Read more »

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Traffic violations can lead to legal complications and substantial fines. On top of that, they can also increase your insurance premiums. How much they increase them depends on the type of violation, your insurer, and your location. According to a recent study, nationwide the average is around 35% more for a single driving infraction. However,… Read more »

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Frozen pipes are irritating, but the also have the potential to become a major catastrophe if you don’t tend to them. Luckily, it’s usually not that difficult to deal with this cold weather problem if you follow these handy tips. Locate Freeze Areas The general area is usually pretty obvious. You might turn on the… Read more »

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Enjoy a Valentine’s Carriage Ride Feb. 11 – 14 60 Ironmine Road, Harrisville You need to book this one in advance, due to demand. Liberty Farm & Carriage Company will be offering private 30-minute rides in this quiet, romantic location. Sip on hot chocolate and snuggle with your loved one for a truly memorable experience…. Read more »

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Basically, subrogation is when one party stands in for another. With regards to insurance, your insurance company may step into your shoes as the policyholder in specific circumstances. Your policy contains a subrogation clause which defines the rights of the insurance company. Subrogation usually applies when your insurer seeks compensation from a third party for… Read more »