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clock October 29, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Business InsuranceOur BlogWorkers Compensation tag Liability

Providing work from home options has been a necessity since the pandemic shook up the business world. However, this working model also presents many potential liabilities business owners need to understand. In some cases these risks may not be covered by your current business insurance and you may also assume more responsibilities. Let’s review how… Read more »

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Due to COVID-19, Halloween will look a bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun! A Harris Poll conducted on behalf of National Confectioners Association found 74% of young parents and millennial moms believe Halloween is more important than ever due to the stress caused by the pandemic. Most are… Read more »

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When fall comes many boaters think it is the ideal time to save a few dollars by canceling their boat insurance. However, you may want to consider the following factors before you decide. There’s much more at stake than you might realize. Your Lender Might Require It Most people finance their boat purchase, because it’s… Read more »

clock October 20, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Homeowners InsuranceOur Blog tag Property Maintenance

With temperatures falling it’s time to prepare your home for winter. Winter weather can lead to extensive damage if you don’t tick home maintenance items off your list now. These are some of the simplest, most affordable ways to prevent home damage and insurance claims. Assess Lighting It’s getting darker earlier with each passing day… Read more »

clock September 29, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Homeowners InsuranceOur Blog tag Safety

Homeowner’s shouldn’t be surprised if their insurance company wants to inspect their home. This may occur if you’re a new customer, if your home hasn’t been inspected in some time, if it’s hard to determine its value, or if you own an older home. A home insurance inspection usually occurs between 30 and 90 days… Read more »

clock September 24, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Our BlogOur Community tag

Coffee lovers take heart! Rhode Island has plenty of top notch coffee venues that are sure to satisfy your java cravings. These great local spots are worth exploring. Bristol The Beehive Cafe The Beehive Café features carefully crafted coffee and scrumptious food. They offer indoor and outdoor seating as well as delivery and takeout so… Read more »

clock September 22, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Automobile InsuranceOur Blog tag Saving Money

Pay-as-you-go, or telematics-based, auto insurance allows drivers to link their premiums to their driving patterns. Initially, this usage-based insurance based premiums on miles driven. Today, telematics software is very sophisticated and rewards safe driving behaviors. Miles driven have far less of an influence. How Does It Work? The idea is simple. The driver buys a… Read more »

clock September 17, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Business InsuranceOur Blog tag

General liability insurance is considered essential for most Rhode Island businesses. However, much confusion surrounds what it does and does not cover. Let’s look at the basics of a general liability insurance policy and why it is important for your business. What General Liability Insurance Does Cover Most policies cover third-party bodily injury and property… Read more »

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In Rhode Island, workers’ compensation insurance uses three factors to calculate premiums: rate assigned to each payroll classification in your business, total amount of payroll for each classification, and your experience modification factor. The third is the only one within your control to change. Handling your experience modification factor poorly will cost you plenty. However,… Read more »

clock September 10, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Flood InsuranceHomeowners InsuranceOur Blog tag

Flood insurance may seem like an unnecessary coverage, but nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s debunk the myths and discover why this valuable coverage is an essential tool that protects you from significant financial loss. Myth #1 – Home, Renter, & Business Policies Cover Flooding False – standard policies typically exclude flooding. However,… Read more »