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In Rhode Island, Condo insurance isn’t as straightforward as homeowners insurance for many reasons. First and foremost, a condo is within a building with multiple units and requires insurance for your personal space, plus collective insurance on the entire building. In most cases, the owner pays an association fee that covers their portion of the… Read more »

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A Rhode Island drivers permit can be issued to young Rhode Island residents who complete a 33 hour driver education course. However, drivers education teaches basic skills and a new driver’s first couple of years out on the road are their most dangerous. Luckily, there are also many things you can do to help your… Read more »

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Most people assume that their homeowners insurance automatically provides full coverage for their shed and garage. However, all insurance policies differ as do the clauses and terms within them. Let’s take a look at what’s typically covered and when you might need additional coverage. Outbuilding Coverage Your shed, detached garage, deck, fences, and other unattached… Read more »

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Don’t base insurance decisions solely on whether insurance is mandated or not. Your “need” for camper insurance should be based on what you’ve invested and what you could potentially lose. Saving a few bucks now could lead to substantial financial loss and potentially affect your future, too. Vehicle Types The word “camper” is used to… Read more »

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Most homeowners want to upgrade their home sooner or later. However, many fail to consider the impact renovations could have on their insurance. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) recommends an insurance review whenever you’re considering or have done significant work to your home. Here’s why. Renovations Affect Home Value Renovations usually increase your… Read more »

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Rhode Island colleges are planning to re-open in the fall, but a recent rise in COVID-19 cases has caused Governor Gina Raimondo to reduce the number of people permitted in gatherings to 15 and she has extended Phase 3. While everyone is moving along with preparations, Raimondo has made it clear that health officials have… Read more »

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The pandemic has changed the world and how we do business. Although it has created many negative effects, it has also provided business with some valuable lessons. Here are five we should all learn from to create a more resilient, flexible business as we move forward. Business Continuity Plans Are Vital Most business owners think… Read more »