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General liability insurance is a must-have for any business, as it will pay for expenses such as attorney fees, court costs, and judgements and damages you need to pay if your business is found at-fault during a lawsuit. Even though it is an indispensable coverage, it isn’t designed to protect you from all lawsuits or… Read more »

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Many companies have been forced to shift their business model to include deliveries during the pandemic. This is understandable as business owners want to do what they can to survive and delivery services are enjoying unprecedented demand. However, it is also very risky if owners and workers are relying on their own vehicles and personal… Read more »

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Everyone needs a pick-me-up at one time or another, but during these stressful times, and especially during Valentine’s Day, a special something can mean so much. Luckily, Rhode Island has plenty of small businesses that offer great gifts and flowers and they need your patronage. Check out one or more of these top Rhode Island… Read more »

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Life insurance provides security and peace of mind, but there’s lots of incorrect information out there that may stop buyers from purchasing a policy. This increases financial risk for your loved ones as you may not provide them with the security they need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Before you dismiss life insurance, consider whether… Read more »

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With so many options available, how do you know if you’re getting the right insurance coverage at the best possible price? These five common sense insurance tips can help simplify the buying process and help you feel confident that you’re getting the best deal possible. Don’t Go It Alone Insurance products are meant to address… Read more »

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As the calendar flips over, it is time for a new start. Most of us will be quite happy to say goodbye to this stressful year, particularly since it has affected almost everyone’s finances. Not surprisingly, finances are at the top of list for New Year’s resolutions this year. Here are some of the most… Read more »

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All auto insurance companies offer Underinsured Motorist and Uninsured Motorists coverage for bodily injury when they write a policy. However, drivers that choose state minimums can opt out of these insurance options. What does that mean for other drivers? Unfortunately, it can leave them quite vulnerable. State minimums offer woefully inadequate coverage and an accident… Read more »