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clock June 23, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Family & Home CareOur Blog tag Property Maintenance

Most homeowners understand the importance of proper maintenance to keep their home looking and functioning well for many years. What many don’t know is that property maintenance can also have a direct bearing on their home insurance claims. Policies often stipulate that it is up to you to keep your property in tip-top shape. If… Read more »

clock June 18, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Our Blog tag Safety

Loiselle Insurance Agency has been available to you throughout the pandemic, as our team has been working remotely from the start. As a result, we’re now very proficient at handling your insurance needs via text, email, or telephone. If you choose to interact with us from the safety of your home, you can certainly continue… Read more »

clock June 4, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Local PartnersOur Blog tag Community Involvement

Loiselle Insurance Agency believes in supporting local business for a stronger community and shopping locally has never been more important than it is now. The coronavirus has seriously impacted many small companies in our state and they need your support. Some are functioning at a lower capacity and some are still waiting to find out… Read more »

clock June 2, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Automobile InsuranceOur Blog tag

The coronavirus lockdown has led to far less driving. While this is easier on the pocketbook, it isn’t necessarily easier on your vehicle unless you take certain precautions. Follow these tips to keep your vehicle in great shape, even when it’s sitting most of the time. Check for Critters You’d be surprised how quickly animals… Read more »

clock May 28, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Homeowners InsuranceOur Blog tag LiabilitySafety

With so much time on our hands, it’s not surprising parents may be looking for alternative forms of entertainment for their kids. This may include a trampoline, swing set or even a pool, if their kids nag them enough. While these may add fun to an otherwise ho-hum lockdown, there are many things you might… Read more »

clock May 26, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Our Blog tag

Even though the coronavirus has thrown a wrench into almost all activities, boating is still an option for your household. However, you must get your boat ready before you can hit the water. Here are a few suggestions to get your craft into tip-top shape for another enjoyable season. Clean & Polish Even if you’ve… Read more »

clock May 21, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Our Blog tag Holidays

Typically, Memorial Day acknowledges those who’ve protected and fought for our country and kicks off summer. However, this year we will need to practice social distancing due to the coronavirus. Nonetheless, you, your friends, and family can celebrate Memorial Day and have a great time. Here are just a few suggestions to help you get… Read more »

clock May 19, 2020 comments No Comments flowchart Automobile InsuranceHomeowners InsuranceOur Blog tag Health

The coronavirus has impacted all aspects of our lives, including our personal insurance. Here are a few ways COVID-19 may affect you, what you can expect, and how Loiselle Insurance Agency can help you overcome these challenges. Car Insurance Relief Staying at home means you’re driving much less. Luckily, you can probably receive some sort… Read more »