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Flooring is a major part of a home. Can you imagine having the best furniture, the shiniest silverware, the cleanest windows, but then you look down only to be greeted by wood panels that you are sure have been inhabited by termites? We didn’t think so and neither did our Partner of the Month, Massud… Read more »

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Each summer, swimming accidents occur. Yes, swimming on a hot day in the summer is refreshing, but without the proper safety precautions, homeowners may be held liable for an accident by the pool. Little ones are particularly at great risk, especially with drowning being the second leading cause of death among children. With summer right… Read more »

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The typical first question people ask when they hear about Medical Payments coverage for car insurance is, “Why would I need Med Pay if I have health insurance?” There are many reasons for adding Medical Payments coverage, also called Med Pay, to your car insurance policy. Med Pay protects you if you or the passengers… Read more »

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Over the years Mother’s Day has become quite an elaborate holiday.  Greeting card sales sky rocket near Mother’s Day and the U.S. post office has its busiest time of year.  The phone lines buzz with excitement as sons and daughters give their moms a call on that special day.  What are your Mother’s Day plans… Read more »

Deciding which insurance to get can be about as enjoyable as filing your taxes. How do you figure out which faceless insurance company will really care enough about your unique situation to make sure you receive the appropriate coverage and service at the right cost? An independent insurance agent can do more than read the… Read more »

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One of the best ways to impact the earth for the better is to impress upon your children the importance of caring for the planet. Kids who are taught to make earth-friendly decisions in childhood are much more likely to continue green lifestyles as adults. Even though your family may only make small improvements to… Read more »

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Cell phones are everywhere and have become not just an accessory but an outlet of pure fun and technological fascination! In the past three years, the connection people have to their phones has grown significantly by 77 percent since October-December 2006. Your phone follows you into the bathroom, it is the first thing to greet you in the… Read more »