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Time and time again you hear that your credit rating can affect how much you pay for auto and home insurance, but why? What do your spending history and credit cards and money habits have in common with insurance—other than the fact that either way you have to pay for services? The concept is debatable,… Read more »

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Now that spring is getting closer by the second, sports registrations are opening up all over the state.  Kids are getting their cleats, soccer balls and baseball bats ready for a new season of fun with their teammates.  While they are excited to play, it’s important to reaffirm the necessity to always follow the rules… Read more »

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<v:imagedata src=””>Long ago (1971), in a far away land (hint, hint: Rhode Island), an establishment that would sell pizzas, calzones, salads, Mega Dinners, and soups was erected. Its main purpose: to sell food and astounding service to the ever hungry Rhode Island community. Their name? Village Pizza! Little did they know that 40 years later… Read more »

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It’s common knowledge that if you own a home, you most likely need homeowners insurance to protect your investment and belongings. But if you rent a home or apartment, there’s a misconception that you don’t need similar insurance protection. This is far from the truth. Renters insurance protects you from damage or loss of your… Read more »

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People with high-stress jobs usually pay more for car insurance than those with low-stress jobs. An example explains why: Let’s say Lance the Lawyer and Larry the Librarian differ only in their occupations – same age, same marital status, living in the same neighborhood. Larry is a criminal defense attorney, and his clients usually are… Read more »

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You may notice that when you bring your child to a birthday party at any type of establishment that requires physical activity, you have to sign a waiver of liability before your child can go have fun with his friends.  You might just sign away without reading it because -well, what’s the difference, right?  If… Read more »