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            I scream! You scream! We all scream for Sushi! This month, we are excited to announce that our Partner of the Month for the month of February is ENN Restaurant! Centered on Japanese Cuisine made only from the freshest ingredients, this restaurant receives rave reviews from everyone who ventures to wine and dine there. Plus,… Read more »

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In the not-so-distant past, households with two working parents were uncommon. Back then, it was standard practice to have one breadwinner and one homemaker/stay-at-home parent. However, those days have given way to more modern scenarios, where both parents put in 40 hours at work and share in the homemaking and child-rearing responsibilities. Needless to say,… Read more »

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Rhode Island may be small, but it still has plenty of beautiful roadways just waiting to be explored.  Have you ever thought about buying a motorcycle and just getting out there for some fun road trips?  Before you make your final decision, you should review all of Rhode Island’s motorcycle laws and restrictions.  You will… Read more »

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            It’s Valentine’s Day! You know what that means? If you said dinner, chocolate, flowers, and many sweet tasting desserts, you are correct! You may have been planning this day since the beginning of the month and have every part of the evening down, or you might still be forking your brain for what to do… Read more »

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If you have ever gotten into a car accident or experienced damage to your home from fire, theft, wind, etc… chances are you have had to file an insurance claim. Your agent or the insurance company will ask you what happened, what was damaged, and how the loss or damages came to be.  They may… Read more »

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When trying to save money, you might look for hidden fees when buying anything.  They seem to be everywhere: when booking flights, when buying new appliances, even when scheduling car repairs.  Avoiding hidden fees can save you serious money if you know where to look.  But did you also know that there could be hidden… Read more »

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            Freak Scenario: You received the brand new 2013 Audi A4 as a gift from a generous fellow and decided to take it for a spin. Good news; it drifts like a beauty! Bad news; it has just snowed, the roads are slick, and now there is a pole sticking up out of the engine… Read more »