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            The beginning of winter not only proclaims the eminent Christmas season, but also the destructive qualities the mushy snow and salt combination can inflict on the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Throughout the year, your car takes enough of a beating from picking the kids up from soccer practice, driving to and from work,… Read more »

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Books; we take them for granted without the slightest thought as to whether there is somebody out there that just longs to hear the comforting flutter of pages turning; that just yearns to say “I’ve read that book and it’s good.” You’re thinking about how casually you say these things, aren’t you? In and out… Read more »

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Thanksgiving Day comes with one large task: To make a turkey (and to finally—successfully—steal Aunt Mable’s secret pie recipe). According to the many years of trial and error of Thanksgiving-turkey-makers everywhere, making a turkey is no easy task. First you have to take it out of the bag, and then you have to thaw it,… Read more »

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Now that the weather is getting colder, all you seasonal allergy sufferers might be breathing a sigh of relief.  Usually with colder weather there is a lull in seasonal allergy symptoms.  However, a whole different set of people with allergies are just starting to dread the colder weather because it means their indoor allergies might… Read more »

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Shore’s Market is a local food market located on 1590 Mineral Spring Avenue North Providence, Rhode Island. <img height=”3280″ style=”margin: 5px; width: 205px; height: 223px;” alt=”000_0004.JPG” src=”” /> This fourth generation business has been around since 1956 and has a totally family friendly atmosphere! They sell everything from fruits and vegetables, to eggs, pastries, meats,… Read more »

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            Here at Loiselle Insurance, we love our co-workers and we love hearing about all of their adventures that they have with their families, especially the ones that take place in the great state of Rhode Island. On October 13, Ronald Law went to see the movie Argo with his family. The film, which was… Read more »