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When you build a business, there are innumerable things to get organized, including vehicles for the business and appropriate coverage for them. Don’t fall into the trap – which can happen with small business owners – of thinking that relying on the family car (and your personal car insurance) for business use is your best… Read more »

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            As hurricane Sandy has come and gone, the only thing left in the wake of her wrath is destruction; destruction to homes, cars, and streets. We constantly hear about water flooding somebody’s basement, losing electricity, and fires being caused. Yet, one of the most common insurance claims that resulted from Sandy in Rhode Island are… Read more »

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   Ahhh, Halloween. The fourth favorite time of the year for children—behind birthdays, Christmas, and Thanksgiving—and parents who take their children trick-or-treating only to remind them that candy will land them in the dentist office.  Of course this parental reminder is only a way for parents to expand their own candy ration! Overall, Halloween is… Read more »

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          On Saturday, October 13, 2012, Loiselle Insurance Agency was a corporate sponsor for the first annual Evening of Wishes for Make-A-Wish Massachusetts and Rhode Island at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, Rhode Island.   We are especially honored to be blogging about this event because our very own Melanie Loiselle-Mongeon served as a committee member… Read more »

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Media depicts the future as being many different things …desolate…sad…overrun by these weird…things. But one thing that can be agreed on by almost every film is that the future is definitely smarter.  The evidence is abundant—the array of touch screen phones available from Apple to your local corner store, and the advertisements and keynotes one… Read more »

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Imagine yourself relaxing in a restaurant that has a moody aura about it, yet still managing to be playful and upbeat–Downtown meets Upper Eastside, if you will. Mahogany colored wood surrounds you, the tables…the chairs…the floors…and as a delicate accentuation, oxblood colored napkins rest upon each table. You have a drink in your hand, and… Read more »

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Having an employee out on workers comp sometimes makes you want to reevaluate the safety conditions at your workplace.  Have you been doing all you can to keep a safe environment for your employees?  How did that accident happen?  Was it just human nature or was it something that could have been avoided?  It might… Read more »

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            Your first car is like a right of passage into the real world. Your first real responsibility; and just like all responsibilities, it is more than just the glitter and gold that first captivated your eye. It is more than just driving around town in hopes of impressing your friends. There are risks, and risks… Read more »