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Cellphones, especially with today’s technology and apps, are constantly causing temptation.  They are constantly in the hands of teenagers throughout the day.  Although cellphones and their infinite number of apps have made our lives more convenient, they also put us in danger at times.  The danger is texting while driving.  How can we prevent our… Read more »

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As a Rhode Island homeowner, it’s important not to overlook the financial protection that is provided by home insurance. You might think that insurance for your home involves property and contents coverage in case of theft or disaster, and while that is the case, most standard home policies are designed to offer a much broader… Read more »

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Rhode Island is filled with beautiful seaside, panoramic views and excellent road trip destinations. Use these RI road trip ideas for a great road trip around the state, and don’t forget to take details of your auto insurance with you in case you’re stopped along the way. Destinations Providence is the capital city and the… Read more »

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As a homeowner, one way to reduce the need for homeowners insurance claims is to take action to reduce your risk of property damage. A proven, effective way to reduce the risk of fire damage is through installing fire sprinklers in your home. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 2006-2010 data indicates that… Read more »

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There are better ways to saving money on your auto insurance than reducing coverage. Here are the top five tips to decreasing your RI car insurance payment without decreasing your policy limits or increasing deductibles. 1.     Buy In Advance and Pick the Right Payment Plan Many people wait until the last minute to start looking for… Read more »

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If you were working, relaxing at home, or driving in Rhode Island yesterday afternoon, chances are you probably jumped when you heard the loud booms of thunder and looked out your window to see mother nature’s version of a light show.  Powerful thunderstorms rolled through Rhode Island yesterday afternoon producing strong winds, flooding rains, and damaging… Read more »