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Auto theft & your RI auto insurance An auto theft or break-in can be a stressful experience. You may lose valuable personal belongings, or lose the car itself. While your RI auto insurance could provide you with some financial compensation in eligible situations, taking reasonable measures to reduce the risk of an auto-burglary might help… Read more »

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Many Rhode Island families are undoubtedly concerned about energy efficiency and water conservation. Using water-saving devices at home could help you reduce your water bill and boost water conservation, and they’re often fairly easy to install. When you make any major changes to your home, contact an agent about updating your Rhode Island home insurance… Read more »

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Being only 48 miles in length and 37 miles wide, Rhode Island is the smallest State in the country with some major challenges on the roadways. This makes it vitally important to have adequate RI auto insurance in place when using the local roads. With one of the highest per capita populations in America, Rhode… Read more »

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According to the Coalition against Insurance Fraud, airbag scams have been a concern for years. By stealing airbags or fraudulently reporting airbag deployment, offending auto body and repair shops may have been jeopardizing passenger safety and causing increases in auto insurance premiums. This is one of many things that can affect the cost of RI… Read more »

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James Audubon’s original copy of “Birds of America” was reportedly sold in 2000 for a staggering $8.8 million and in 1996 Sotheby’s reportedly auctioned a first edition of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” for $160,000.00. Although these extremely rare books were not kept on bookshelves in homes, some collectors do keep valuable first editions in… Read more »

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Clothes dryers are a leading cause of house fires, and one of the main things that cause fires in dryers is failure to clean lint filters. There are numerous things homeowners may do to reduce the risk of fire in their home, and avoid having to file a claim on their home insurance RI. Having… Read more »

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Rhode Island has a number of well-known independent grocery stores. These stores may require grocery specific business insurance RI to cover food, produce, beverages and other items that are common to grocery stores. Grocery stores need comprehensive property, liability, crime, and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Certain risks and exposures are unique to grocery stores, and… Read more »

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A standard homeowner’s insurance policy may not provide sufficient coverage for antique or heirloom furniture. It is best to make a detailed list and take pictures of your antiques to present to your home insurance RI agent for guidance on riders or separate policies that may be required to give you adequate coverage. Your antiques… Read more »

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Renewable energy is an industry in which research and development are expanding to accommodate America’s need for clean, accessible and affordable power sources. Clean energy and technology firms are growing, and business insurance RI companies are working to understand this industry and provide appropriate financial protections for their products and services. Renewable energy business operations… Read more »