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It’s hard enough having a respiratory disorder; talk less of an inadequate supply provider that doesn’t know what you normally order, isn’t prompt with deliveries, could care less to help you with repairs or how-to’s, and of course—the universal problem—they won’t inform you of what your insurance is capable of. These are just some of the reasons why several patients have transferred from their other care giver to Absolute Respiratory Care. Located in Johnston RI, they aim

to give their patients the best possible care. Their services consist of products for sleep therapy,  oxygen therapy, nebulizers, overnight oximetry, ventilation, walkers, and much more.

Since being opened in 2005, Absolute Respiratory Care has

become notorious for their thorough follow-ups with their patients, efficiency, and therapists that genuinely care. Co-owners Jayne Matoian and Rick Clark both understand the needs of their patients and staff and work hard to create a light, error-free environment. They pride themselves with the ability to provide the brawn of a large company and the heart of a small one. Although their testimonials will rave about their fast delivery and kind staff, one thing is evident throughout: they never hesitate to attend to your needs at any time of day. If you visit their website (or go to their location), they’d be delighted to provide you with tips for traveling with your device, links to studies relating to your device, and information for menial problems and cleaning. Regardless of age or issue, Absolute Respiratory Care will be glad to attend to all your needs!

Located on 1665 Harford Avenue (Suite 24) in Johnston RI, you can rely on our Partner of the Month, Absolute Respiratory Care for the warmest, most thorough care. If you visit Loiselle Insurance Agency’s Partner’s Page, you can receive a coupon for 10% off of accessories. Check them out today.

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