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catanzaroEvery month we feature one of our partners to be our Partner of the Month. This month we chose
Catanzaro & Sons Painting, Inc.  They specialize in residential and commercial painting and are conveniently located in Barrington, RI.

The owner, Hank Catanzaro, has been painting and renovating homes for over 30 years. Although the company specializes in painting, Hank’s natural

catanzaroandsonsbuilding2 talent for carpentry has definitely come in handy throughout the years. Hank’s talents also save their customers time and money! For example, he doesn’t just put a new coat of paint on a chipping deck; he will inspect the wood and replace any rotting boards. He says, “Preparation is the number one most important aspect of any job. Without the correct prep, the job is not going to last.”

Catanzaro & Sons Painting also does not shy away from historic homes. Many painting companies are afraid of the added work or special attention a historic home may need. Their portfolio consists of many beautiful old historic homes which need painting as well as historicreconstruction. Another concern with historic homes is lead paint removal. Hank and his crew are all experienced in lead abatement following all DEM and OSHA guidelines.

Here at Loiselle, we have a special place in our heart for family owned local businesses.
So, we love that Hank works with 3 of his 6 children! How cocatanzaroandsonsbuildingol is that?

If you are interested in learning more about Catanzaro & Sons Painting, Inc. feel free to visit their website by clicking here. If you are thinking about hiring them for your next project, don’t forget to visit our Partner’s page to grab your coupon for $500 off your exterior quote price, click here.

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