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Jon’s Locks Inc of Warwick RI is locally owned and operated by Jonathan Issa.


Jonathan of Jons Locks Inc. was born and raised in RI and has over 10 years experience in the locksmith and facilities management industry. In addition, he’s an Iraqi Freedom war veteran. Jon’s Locks is Angie’s List Approved and is registered with the Associated Locksmiths of America. AngiesList-Logo

As an insurance agent, the safety and security of your home or business are one of our top priorities. That is why we recommend the use of a professional locksmith when you buy a home, open or move a place of business, experience a change in tenants, or suspect that someone has stolen or copied your keys.  Locksmith scams are prevalent in many areas of the country.  Purchasing locks at a local big box store as a DIY project might seem appealing but it might not pay off.  Locks in big box stores are mass produced and duplicate keys of locks exist, sometimes even within the same store and on the same shelf!

Locksmith RI

You’re thinking… I don’t need a locksmith!  I’m not locked out and my keys were not lost or stolen.  Think again!  There are plenty of other times you might need to hire a professional locksmith for your RI home or business.  Here’s the most common times you might need a professional locksmith like Jon’s Locks which specializes in all of these services.

When should I call Jon’s Locks?

Have you recently purchased a home or place of business? The previous owner might have surrendered the keys to you but who else might have duplicates? Be sure to change your locks before moving in!

Do you have multiple locks in your home with different keys? Are the keys less frequently used often lost or misplaced? Did you recently add a shed, storage locker, or garage with a separate keyed entrance? Simplify things by rekeying all of your doors, entrances, and outbuildings to use the same key! Keeping things simple and reducing wasted time and aggravation is something we can all benefit from, right?

Are you a landlord? Do you know it’s your obligation to keep tenants safe by rekeying the locks before letting a new tenant move in?

Do you own a large multifamily property or apartment building? Could you benefit from having a master key system that allows you access to all apartments while still making it easy to rekey entrances when tenants move out? Do you have an old master key system and feel trapped with your old locksmith? Jon’s Locks can help with old and new master key systems.

Do you own a commercial property with self locking doors or specialty exit devices? Installation, service, and repairs of these exit devices should be left to a professional.

Next time you need a RI Locksmith, it’s time to Call Jon’s Locks!

Jonathan at Jons Locks prides himself in honesty and upfront pricing. To help serve his customers, he also offers evening and weeekend appointments. Call today at 401-921-8376 or visit them online at Be sure to tell them Loiselle Insurance Agency sent you and feel free to use this coupon too!

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