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I believe it was Robert Frost who said, “Good fences make good neighbors.”  I’m Sunlight_over_picket_fencepretty sure I agree with this… I mean I love my neighbors but then again, I have always had a fenced-in backyard. A fence is a small thing on your property that can make all of the difference.  It allows for privacy, while also being  aesthetically pleasing.

If you have been thinking about putting up a fence but feel overwhelmed with the process of finding a fence contractor to do the job, check out our partner of the month: Wood & Wire Fence Company.  I asked them for advice on important factors to consider when choosing a fencing company. wood & wire fence logoThe experts at Wood & Wire recommended  that before having anyone do any type of fence work on your property, you should ask them these questions.
(They also graciously answered them for us.)

  1. What is their business address and do they have a display area you can visit?
    Wood & Wire Fence Co, Inc. is located at 125 Higginson Avenue, Lincoln Rhode Island and they have an enormous display area with samples of the fences they offer for installation.
  2. How long have they been in business?
    Over 26 years.
  3. Are they insured? Do they have a license? Do they have copies of these forms they can show you?
    Yes, Wood & Wire is  fully licensed and insured  and can provide copies of this upon request.
  4. Do they hire subcontractors or are the people doing the installation their employees?
    Wood & Wire Fence Co. feels that the best way to control the quality of their work is to maintain a staff of well trained employees who know the proper way to install a fence. They do not believe in subcontracting the work out.
  5. What type of warranties do they offer?
    All of their fences come with a minimum of a 3 year warranty on parts and labor. However,  some of their specific  fence distributors offer extended warranties beyond that.
  6. Are they open in the winter in case you have a problem?
    Yes!. Wood & Wire  feels that it is important to be open in the winter, especially in New England where mother nature wreaks havoc on everything, including fences.
  7. Do they offer financing?
    0% interest for 12 months.

So, while you are out enjoying your yard this spring but wondering how a fence would garden-fence-484708_640look, check out our partner of the month Wood & Wire.  If you own a commercial business and are interested in becoming a partner click here for more information.

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Douglas Brown

We have not had to do maintenance work on our fence, as of yet, but may soon look into it. Our neighborhood has undergone a bit of a transformation, starting with the roads, and I think everyone decided that they wanted to repair or replace old fences. I think that there is great quality work in a company, like the one mentioned here, that uses their own staff for important work like this. Great post!

Callie Marie

I agree that a fence on your property makes a big difference, even if it is small. My husband and I put up a make-shift fence to keep our dog in, but we are looking for a permanent solution now. Checking out a fencing company’s display to get an idea of what it will look like is a great idea!

Eric Blaise

I am a fan of both wood, and chain link fences, I like wood fences in home applications since they are aesthetically good to look at, even when they start aging. chain link fences are more utilitarian, sturdy, and stand the test of time quite well.


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