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            Freak Scenario: You received the brand new 2013 Audi A4 as a gift from a generous fellow and decided to take it for a spin. Good news; it drifts like a beauty! Bad news; it has just snowed, the roads are slick, and now there is a pole sticking up out of the engine that you were pretty sure wasn’t there when you received the car… With your car taking fiercer abuse during the colder months, it is no surprise Millers Auto Body is our Partner of the Month for January. What, with their knowledgeable expertise on the body repair of vehicles of all makes and models and high quality maintenance extending back all the way to the last century?

            Situated off of Route 295 in Cumberland, RI this family business was started by David Miller in 1983 but is now owned and operated by his daughter Candace Simas. Miller’s Auto Body built upon the concept of the usual grunge chic garage through making it into a building facility that ensures every car owner who leaves their vehicle at the body shop has peace of mind that the tires, radio, and engine parts wouldn’t have gone missing by the next day, thanks to Miller’s Auto Body always locking all of the cars in their shop.  Your vehicle is locked and secured safely inside of their facility throughout its entire time with them.  What a relief!

            Encompassing their objective of customer satisfaction and happiness into every facet of their company, they will gladly pick up your vehicle (convenient!), work with your claims adjuster if your repairs are being settled through an insurance company (great!), keep you up to date with a precise time frame and expected finishing date of your repair (awesome!), and arrange for a loaner vehicle (time to do a back flip!). Not to sound too much like an infomercial, but wait, there’s more! They take tremendous pride in being the only body shop in Cumberland, and one of very few in the entire state, to use exclusively water based paints in both of their custom built spray paint booths earning them the title of being an eco-friendly auto body shop. When you walk in, you are instantly surrounded by an aura of security, quality, friendliness, and environmentally mindful workers!  What more could you ask for?

            If your vehicle is in need of a paint job or body repairs, be sure to call Miller’s Auto Body.  To make the deal even sweeter, you can visit our Partner’s Page for a coupon that saves you $300 off any repair of $1500 or more.