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Have you ever walked up to a beautiful house totally entranced by its shine and luster only to see the driveway, walkway, and steps look like they have been marred by a tyrannosaurus rex? Doesn’t it interfere with that initial perfection which drew you to the house? Now, imagine that when you walked up to the house the stairs, driveway, and walkway were impeccably intact—new, even.

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Wouldn’t you just love to have the construction company’s information on hand incase you ever had a job for them? Well, Cruz Construction would like you to have their information too. Yep, just another Rhode Island business excelling at what they do!

Building a reputation is no small task. When Belmiro Cruz began his company Cruz Construction in 1948, he knew he had to have a strong work ethic so as to keep his name trustworthy and solidly on the market.

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Through years and years of hard work, he was able to build his business on honesty and quality. As a means of passing down the family trade, Belmiro taught everything he knew to his grandson Joe Cruz who now co-owns the company with wife Dawn Cruz.

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They specialize in a variety of services such as asphalt paving, stamped asphalt, heated driveways, retaining walls, concrete work, grading, utility connections, drainage systems, and now, building demolition (and so much more). Whether you’re in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, it doesn’t matter; they are certified in a majority of towns in both RI and southern Mass and are only a phone call away. Their testimonials all say the same thing: great service, courteous workers, attention to detail, follow-through, and communication.

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So if by any totally bizarre chance you want to have a company that values reputation, quality, and customer satisfaction over the opportunity to sunbathe on your front lawn (and potentially give the old lady across the street a coronary) our Partner of the Month, Cruz Construction, is the company to call! If you visit our Partners Page now, you can receive a coupon of $100 off.