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Grape Therapy: Noun: Treatment requiring the use of fermented grapes to relieve physical and psychological stress.
(This statement has not been approved by the FDA; however, a series of tests have been conducted by various members of Loiselle Insurance Agency and significant results of reduced levels of tension and increased euphoria have been recorded.)

As a courtesy, we are providing everyone who visits our blog the once in a lifetime opportunity to view the following steps to conduct their own in-home Grape Therapy experiment! Ladies and gentlemen, we ask you to hold onto your pantaloons because what you are about to read has never been revealed to the public since it was first discovered 7,000 years ago! Behold:

                                    Step one: Get in your car.
                                    Step two: Drive to Jamestown Wines and Spirits Store
                                    Step three: Enter the store.
                                    Step four: Buy any wine, spirit, or liquor of your choice.
                                    Step five: Drive back home.
                                    Step six: Open the bottle and pour yourself a nice cold glass…or three. Enjoy.


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            What you have just witnessed was our best kept secret, but, there is a catch! This form of therapy will only work to its fullest potential if you buy your fermented grape juice of choice from Jamestown Wines and Spirits Store. Why you ask? Well, let’s see, how about the fact that they have 5,000 square footage of space and carry over 1,400 different beverages (therefore meaning you will have no problem finding a new drink to try), or the fact that they will be more than happy to help you select a drink that is suitable to your palate, or the fact that they also sell souvenirs, various specialty foods, artisan cheeses, and dishes from Venda Ravioli in Providence, or the fact that…well, you get the point! Go to Jamestown Wines and Spirits Store! Not only will you get a nice drink, but you can make it into a fun day on the small, but picturesque, island. We suggest going on a Friday or Saturday from 6pm to 8pm because this is when the liquor store hosts special wine tastings—they just ask that you call this number first to confirm your attendance.

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            After bustling around day to day trying to get the kids to school on time, trying to get yourself to work on time, and wondering where exactly you left your keys, school is finally over, the kids are at camp, your husband is out golfing with the guys, and all those unused hours from work can finally be put to use. So relax, head on over to Jamestown Wines and Spirits Store for some Grape Therapy, and discover why they are our Partner of the Month! They are located at 30 Southwest Avenue Jamestown, RI 02835. Visit our Partners Page to get a coupon for 10% off of 6 bottles of wine or 15% off of a case of wine excluding sale items.

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            P.S: If you get lost on the [9miles x 1mile] island, just ask one of the habitants where the liquor store is, they might give you directions like a typical Rhode Islander (guilty J!), but the plus side is there is only one liquor store on the entire island!