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<v:imagedata src=””>Long ago (1971), in a far away land (hint, hint: Rhode Island), an establishment that would sell pizzas, calzones, salads, Mega Dinners, and soups was erected. Its main purpose: to sell food and astounding service to the ever hungry Rhode Island community. Their name? Village Pizza! Little did they know that 40 years later in the year 2013 on the First of March they would be declared the Partner of the Month for Loiselle Insurance Agency. That’s right; the Partner of the Month for March is Village Pizza!


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            They are located on 650 Dexter Street in Central Falls, Rhode Island. We would have taken the time to list every food they sell, but their menu is such an expansive list of mouth-watering goodness! Really, check out their website to see all they offer. The desserts are scrumptious (however, I would like to us this time to give a warning; do not attempt admiring any of the food (without supervision), it’s notorious for inducing a ‘floating-on-clouds’ feeling which can lead to a quick deletion of all coherent thoughts.


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            If you are hosting a party and need delicious catering, look no further than Village Pizza. They offer pasta trays, pizzas, brownie trays…you name it! Visit our Partner’s Page now to receive a coupon to purchase an extra large specialty pizza and get one small cheese pizza free. Stop over at Village Pizza to see what makes them so extraordinary (here) or call them at 401-725-3800 to order from your couch…


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