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If I tell you a story, then will you understand why our partner of the month is Wood and Wire Fence?

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“Once upon a time, in a far away land, the peace and quiet acted as a reigning orchestra accompanied only by the chirping of birds, the t-t-tsking of sprinkler systems, and the prominent–yet distant–laughter of children. You stood on the walkway of your lawn and took a large, intoxicating breath of evenly combined crisp and pollinated air; all the while observing the beauty of your house and its freshly trimmed lawn…Ahhh. Perfection! Suddenly, you’re kicked out of your sweet reverie by a ferocious ringing and reached into your pocket to answer the impatient distraction:


Wife: ‘Have the contractors installed the fence yet?’

Yikes! Umm…no?

Husband: (Swiftly working a lie,) ‘Yes, of course honey.’

Wife: ‘Good, because I’m coming home in four days from vacation and would like to see our brand new fence when I arrive!’

Husband: (Gulping and sweating,) ‘Y-yeah…me too!’

Oh snapples! You forgot to call the fence company! Two words: Not. Good! Furiously flipping through your 2012/2013 phone book (yes, people still use these); you finally find a page listing fence businesses and call every company. So far, you have discovered that seven companies were in a bad mood today, eight companies, although in an impressionably better mood, could not have a fence installed until two weeks later, and nine refused to answer the phone (gah!). Nearly giving up hope, you try the next company, it reads ‘Wood and Wire Fence’…aaand…it works! They can arrive in two days to install your fence and they were so nice over the phone!

…Two Days Later…

Your new white picket fence looks spectacular and best of all, your wife will never suspect! And it’s all thanks to Wood and Wire Fence!”

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Currently family owned and operated, Wood and Wire Fence has been providing quality service since 1989–24 years! Consisting of a wide variety of fence options, it won’t be an issue for you to find what you truly need. From residential fencing to commercial fencing consisting of white and red cedar fencing, vinyl and polyvinyl chloride fencing (to name a very minute few) you will never run out of choices…ever…really, just look at their website and let that do the talking (plus, they also sell storage containers and temporary fencing!). They can be found on 125 Higginston Avenue, Lincoln, Rhode Island. If you visit our Partners Page now, you will receive a 10% off permanent fencing coupon for use on any permanent fence order. So stop by, call, or order a fence from them today!

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And that’s why we chose Wood and Wire Fence to grace us with being our Partner of the Month for April! Oh, and they can really be found in the phone book, but don’t take our word for it, check it out!