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There may be a time when you find yourself looking for a new mechanic. Perhaps you’ve moved, your vehicle wasn’t serviced to your standards, or you think the mechanic was too expensive.

Most people don’t have the knowledge or equipment to service their own vehicle, so they rely on a mechanic. Don’t take unnecessary chances when you’re searching for the right mechanic – follow these simple tips, and you’ll greatly improve your odds of finding a reliable mechanic.

Compare Quotes

Whether your vehicle needs repairs or routine maintenance, ask for a quote from perspective mechanics. Compare the parts listed and the description of the work they include in the price.

If prices differ greatly between mechanics, there’s probably a reason. The mechanic might quote on less expensive parts, omit certain procedures, or charge less because they’re desperate for work.

Check Credentials

Backyard mechanics abound, and some do a very good job. However, vehicle repairs are often costly and today’s vehicles are very complex. Most include computerized systems which require expensive diagnostic equipment to perform tests. A backyard mechanic probably doesn’t have the equipment and they probably won’t offer you a warranty on their work, either. If something goes wrong you can only hope they can and will fix it.

When a mechanic or garage displays their credentials or certifications, they want you to know that they’re a credible business and they have the skills necessary to do the job properly. They adhere to a state or national standard and their code of ethics, so you reduce risk. Look for affiliations with the Automotive Service Association (ASA), American Automobile Association (AAA), the Better Business Bureau as well as NAPA Autocare or Carquest Tech-Net.

Check Reviews

A good mechanic does repairs and preventative maintenance. You’ll often need to rely on their expertise when it comes to making major decisions about your vehicle, so it’s important you trust them. They should protect your interests.

The best way to access their performance is to read reviews or talk to people who’ve used their services. Do clients say they’re honest, fairly-priced, reliable, and efficient?

Do They Know Your Make & Model?

If you have an import or rare vehicle, you’ll want to ensure the mechanic specializes in your make and model. For instance, Volkswagen, BMW, and Audi often use specialized equipment and parts that a standard garage may not carry.

Look for a garage that works on specific brands. It increases the likelihood they’ll have the competence you need for proper repairs.

Customer Service

Often times, you can discover how well a business operates by how it treats its customers. Does someone answer the phone promptly and courteously and can they answer basic questions?

Is the mechanic or technician willing to explain the work needed satisfactorily and do they provide a comprehensive written warranty? Can you reach the shop easily if you have questions and will they follow up with you later? Will they clean your vehicle when they finish?

Don’t forget to ask friends and family for recommendations. It can save you time and money if you can discuss first-hand interactions with someone you trust. If you follow these tips you’ll certainly increase your odds of finding the right mechanic.


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