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Rhode Island is filled with beautiful seaside, panoramic views and excellent road trip destinations. Use these RI road trip ideas for a great road trip around the state, and don’t forget to take details of your auto insurance with you in case you’re stopped along the way.


Providence is the capital city and the major commercial center of the state. It’s filled with museums, interesting architecture, stunning streetscapes, and beautiful parks. Narragansett has some pleasant parkland and camping grounds, while East Greenwich is a historic city with lots of shops and restaurants. Other destinations to visit include Newport, a famous jazz city; Pawtucket; Warwick; Woonsocket; and South Kingstown.

Tips for the Road

You might find it useful to download some apps to your smartphone, which can keep you informed of the latest roadwork. It’s also a good idea to keep aware of weather conditions, and to avoid driving during times when there are extreme temperatures.

Safety and Insurance

Before you set off on your road trip, check that your auto insurance policy is up-to-date and current for your needs. Make sure it includes anyone who may drive your car during the trip, and make sure coverage limits are adequate. It might be a good idea to check routes and locations well in advance, so you can avoid wasting time or getting lost on the road. For better safety, check the local laws and regulations if you’re unfamiliar with them.