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Can you believe it’s almost Memorial Day?  It’s time to clean out the pool and get it ready for summer barbeques and visits from family and friends.  Time to dust off the lounge chairs and find your favorite summertime drink recipe.  (We prefer a nice sweet tea with fresh mint over ice.)  While you are at it, it might be time to also check your liability insurance to make sure you are covered for anything that could possibly go wrong at the pool this year.

Your homeowner’s insurance will have you covered, but only to the extent of your policy limits.  In most cases pool accidents tend to be much higher than the average homeowner’s policy limits which are generally around $100,000 (although most carriers recommend $300,000 for an average home).  This may not be enough to cover medical bills and other expenses related to a liability claim.

If you do not already have excess liability insurance, you might want to consider purchasing an umbrella insurance policy which will give you much higher limits in the event a claim is filed against you.  Having a pool increases your risk of accidents, so having additional coverage is in your best interest.  In fact, most mortgage companies require additional insurance coverage if your home has a swimming pool.  Something to consider if you are looking to purchase a new home with a pool or are thinking of getting a pool at your existing home.

Having a great time at the pool is easy.  Having the right insurance coverage for your pool makes it even easier.  Of course preventing accidents is the most important thing, but you can rest assured that you will be covered for any accidents that may happen.  So get out the swimmies and your sunscreen and get ready for an awesome pool season this year!