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Being well prepared in advance for the possibility of hurricane occurrence in Rhode Island should help enable you to reduce your risk of damage and loss. It should also help to more adequately keep you and your family safe and reduce injury-risk.

Tips for this include:

•Get adequate hurricane and home insurance coverage to enable you to rebuild and replace all your contents if required.

•Install and utilize storm shutters to reduce wind-entry into your home.

•For Category 4 or Category 5 (those with wind-speeds of over 131mph) hurricane warnings in particular, you should designate a safe place to go in an evacuation.

•For smaller hurricanes, you should look into creating a ‘safe’ place in your home, away from exterior doors and windows. This could be your basement or a specially built ‘safe room’.

•Put together a survival kit containing 3 days’ supply of bottled water, non-perishable food, radio, flashlight and batteries, toiletries, medications, valuable documents, blankets and dust masks.

•Make sure you know how to shut-off your utilities in case it is required.

For long-term risk-reduction, consider retrofits to improve your home’s resistance to hurricanes and other perils. This can be done by strengthening the connections between your building’s components, installing wind-resistant windows and doors, and sealing up gaps in your building. More information on this can be found at the IBHS (Institute for Business and Home Safety). Contact us if you need more information on home insurance or hurricane coverage.