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You want your rental property and your tenants to be ready for the winter. There are things that you should do in the fall before winter starts. These actions can help to protect your building and the people living inside. You will want to do a few things to prepare your rental property for winter.Get-ready-for-winter

Schedule Heating System Maintenance
The first step should be to schedule an inspection and maintenance for the heating system in the building. You should do this every year in the fall, before winter comes. This is important because it allows the heating system to work more efficiently. Regular maintenance will also reduce the need for emergency repairs, while increasing the lifespan of the system.

Insulate the Pipes
Even a brief cold snap could be enough to freeze the water inside of pipes. This can lead to a burst or leaking pipe, which can cause serious water damage to your rental property. You can avoid this problem by insulating pipes in key areas that could be exposed to below normal temperatures. This is often as simple as wrapping a special insulating sleeve around the pipe.Winter_Image

Inspect and Clean All Gutters
You want to inspect and clean all the gutters. The gutters can fill up with leaves and other debris during the summer and fall. Remove everything. Look at the connections and brackets to ensure that the gutters are not loose. Consider installing a gutter guard along the top. This is an important step because it can help to prevent serious damage from ice dams.

Replace Old Insulation
A final step should be to check the insulation in the building. Insulation can wear down and become less effective over time. This means it takes more to keep the rental property warm in the winter. If you find insulation that has degraded or broken apart, then replace it with new insulation. This will make a large difference.

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