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Managing a property over time requires more than answering whenever there is an emergency or a Gingerbread_House_Essex_CT[1]broken appliance in the home. Preparing your rental property for the spring has a number of benefits that can ultimately help to save time and money, especially if you are managing multiple homes simultaneously.

Inspect Your Property’s Roof

Inspecting your property’s roof is imperative at least annually, often best in the springtime once the winter has begun to dissipate. Be sure to check for missing shingles, cracked areas, and spots on the roof that require complete replacements to avoid further damage to the roof during rain and storms.

Ensure the Safety of Your Home’s Exterior

Always be sure to check around the exterior of your home for potential cracks and damage in the driveway and surrounding sidewalks. In order to minimize the risk of liability, it is essential to repair and flatten all surrounding cement areas of the property in the case of a slip and fall.

Increase Curb Appeal

When you want to rent your property out to new tenants, it is important to keep the overall visual and curb appeal of your home in mind. Increasing curb appeal is possible by upgrading windows, adding window treatments, and beginning to landscape around the exterior of the property itself. Landscaping with flowerbeds, plants, rocks, and wood chips helps to increase curb appeal, giving you additional leads for future potential tenants.

Knowing how to properly prepare your rental property for the spring is a way for you to gain peace of mind while feeling at ease whenever you are not at the property yourself. Taking the time to inspect the home and conduct appropriate repairs is also a way to avoid unforeseen financial expenses in the future once you begin renting the property to a new tenant.

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