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Although you cannot control when or how severely a hurricane will hit,  with proper preparation you
can minimize its impact on you and your family. Although most people know the basic steps to take when there is a storm warning, such as securing outdoor fixtures and boarding up windows, many people neglect to prepare a hurricane kit for their household. Many people underestimate the possibility that a hurricane could leave them without power for days. Although it may be difficult to gather everything on our list, this blog and info-graphic give a good idea of what you may need in the event of a major hurricane.hurricanepreparationkit

Some of the most important items to have in a hurricane kit are obvious: flashlight, batteries, matches and candles. It is also smart to have a battery operated radio. In the event that the power is out for an extended amount of time, having a radio will keep you aware of changing storm conditions and important news.

To prevent your family from becoming too crabby during a hurricane, you should also have food and water in your hurricane kit.  It is usually recommended to have one gallon of water for each person per day, and plan for 5-7 days.  If available, it is wise to grab some fresh fruit and vegetables that do not require cooking. Non-perishable foods such as peanut butter and canned goods are also important since they do not expire and can be purchased in advance.  Don’t forget the can-opener!

In the event that you need to be evacuated from your home, it is a good idea to have a map of the area since most of your electronic devices will not work. It is also important to have copies of your bank account numbers, ID cards, insurance cards and important phone numbers.  This is all information that is usually stored in computers or phones, which you may not have access to. It is also a good idea to have some cash available to you, since ATMs and/or credit card machines may not be working.

Another great thing to pack in your kit is toiletries. Since an evacuation is possible, it is prudent to be prepared for a possible overnight stay somewhere else.  Items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and basic medicine may be in short supply.  And don’t forget your pet! A lot of evacuation shelters allow dogs, so you are going to need his stuff too (leash, pet food, vaccination paperwork).

Doctors recommend that you create a list of the people in your household along with a list of their medical conditions, allergies, and any prescriptions they are taking. Although this may seem tedious, it could prove to be helpful should a serious medical emergency occur. In the event of someone being separated from the group, having pictures of your family, including pets, could also prove to be very beneficial.

We also suggest having a wrench and screwdriver in your kit, since you never know when something may need to be fixed. Lastly, we included toilet paper in our list because you don’t ever want to have to go without that!

Although, you may not need everything suggested here, it is smart to prepare a hurricane kit for your family before a storm is about to hit! Preparation is one of the crucial parts to protecting your family during a natural disaster.  As always, if you have any questions about this blog or how your home insurance policy would respond in the event of a hurricane, give us a call today! Also feel free to view some of our previous blogs about Hurricane Preparation.

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